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07/07/2006 | (0) Comments

Lessons available for beginners to riders competing at “A” Level shows. There is an large lesson program for kids in the spring, summer and fall, starting at age 5. We have several knowledgable instructors to give the kids the one on one time that they need in the beginning. For the slightly more advanced kids there are several groups to join. We offer the oportunity to join ‘The United States Pony Club’ and can provide horses and transportation. The ranch has several very wonderful school horses, that suit the needs of the very young to the more advance adult.

Groundwork to jumping, we specialize in the all around horsemanship and can help from the ground up, producing tractable, manageable and happy horses, for dressage and jumping Emily Alverez and her new horse Scooter at thier first show together.