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September 9-14 2014 National Sheepdog Finals are returning to Strang Ranch!!
For more information visit us at

» The Strang Ranch «

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Bridget started the world famous hunter Country Swing, shown here as a first year green hunter in Indio California.The Strang Ranch is a family owned and run business. It is a working cattle ranch and a sport horse breeding operation as well as a busy equestrian center, hosting many hunter/jumper and dressage shows, clinics and daily lessons.

The ranch lies on 460 Acres of irrigated and pasture land in Western Colorado with outstanding views of the Elk Mountain Range, 25 miles from the Aspen Airport.

artie and marty
There is extensive trail riding, a recognized fox hunt, and an extensive hunter/jumper training barn.

» Spring Dog Trial Benefit for 2014 National Sheepdog Finals «

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Strang Ranch Spring Sheep Dog Trial
May 6th-9th 2014
***Benefit trial for the 2014 National Sheepdog Finals***
USBCHA & MPBCA Sanctioned, 2014 District 2 qualifier
Two open trials!  Double lift finals with a marked shed on Friday that is a qualifier for 2014 Soldier Hollow Classic. Three Nursery trials, two Open Ranch trials.

6:45 Handlers Meeting May 6th, Open I, followed directly by Open II.  May 7th 2? pm Nursery I.
8:30 am May 8th OR I, OR II combined with Nursery II.

Entries open March 31st. Checks cashed April 21st. Any Entries received before March 31st will be posted as March 31st.  No refunds after April 21st.  Will take entries till full.
Open 55$/run, Nursery 30$/run, Open Ranch 40$/run **no Pay-back for any class**
Double lift is top 20 dogs. Top 8 from each day the rest a cumulative best score- no entry fee.  No handler/dog limit unless over subscribed, if so 2 dog limit for Open.
Make Entries Payable to National Finals Sheepdog Trials
393 CR 102
Carbondale, CO 81623
Camping available on ranch, no hookups. Please call Bridget (970) 948-2391 for more info.  Motels: Carbondale; Days Inn 970-963-9111, Red Mountain Inn (Glenwood), pet friendly (970) 945-6353

OPEN 1Tuesday 7:00 Field A
RO Handler Dog
1 Terri Warner Bea
2 Bob Hickman CBK Majo
3 Marlene Warner Hanna
4 Kristin Sittner Spy
5 Libby Nieder Pheonix
6 Eric Larson Gin
7 Terri Chisman Howl
8 Sonia Craig Lad
9 Rachel Chepulis Dell
10 Melinda Brenimer Sunny
11 Margaret Johnson Fleet
12 Dan Keeton Heidi
13 Bill Wilder Otis
14 Victoria Yablonsky Daisy
15 Anne Mock Ben
16 Jo Woodbury Zip
17 Terri Chisman Carman
18 Jamie Spring Hope
19 Mindy Bower Griz
20 Karen Stanley Clare
21 Wilda Bahr Liz
22 Joyce Geier Jim
23 Joni Tietjen Sage
24 Carol Clawson Kita
25 Larry Adams Mirk
26 Kay Stephens Jack
27 Bud Boudreau Gyp
28 Terry Folsom Blazin’Quin
29 Anne Mock Zac
30 Shauna Gourley Jade
31 Jo Woodbury Bond
32 Mindy Bower Possum
33 Joyce Geier Jack
34 Terri Warner Nick
35 Nancy Crawford Ella
36 Terry Murray Jess
37 Loreli Judd Tuff
38 Jamie Spring Cort
39 Bob Hickman CBK Ryder
40 Eric Larson Coy
41 Margaret Johnson Lark
42 Carol Clawson Tell
43 Terry Folsom Blazin’Chance
44 Chris Guzman Blazin Brenna
45 Coleen Hawker Ike
46 Kristin Sittner Tag
47 Erin Obrien Z
48 Victoria Yablonsky Gus
49 Shauna Gourley Keli
50 Lasoya Lerma Beau
51 Lise Andersen Piper
52 Kay Stephens Gala
53 Karen Zamora Beau
54 Diane Spainhower Tess
55 Lise Andersen Mack
56 Libby Nieder Derby
57 Karen Stanley Grace
58 Laura Esterman Meg
59 Carol Clawson Estie
60 Joyce Geier Tiz
61 Donna Eliason Ben
62 Bill Wilder Russell
63 Pam Bruns Skip
64 Margaret Johnson Loch
65 Bridget Strang Treat
66 Lise Andersen Nellie
67 Dan Keeton Newby
68 Julie Hansmire Freida
69 Larry Adams Mick
70 Sonia Craig Jen
71 Victoria Long Nighinn
72 Lou Gilbert Kate
73 Mary Hamilton Toss
74 Wilda Bahr Elle
75 Mindy Bower Will
76 Marlene Warner Cody
77 Melinda Brenimer Nell
78 Terri Warner Laddie
79 Joni Tietjen Bill
80 Kay Stephens Storm
81 Mike Furcolow Meg
82 Julie Hansmire Ben
83 Victoria Long Nessa

OPEN 2 Field B After Completion of Open 1
HC Erin Obrien Z
1 Anne Mock Ben
2 Terri Warner Bea
3 Julie Hansmire Frieda
4 Jamie Spring Hope
5 Margaret Johnson Lark
6 Eric Larson Gin
7 Bill Wilder Otis
8 Carol Clawson Estie
9 Shauna Gourley Keli
10 Kristin Sittner Tag
11 Victoria Yablonsky Gus
12 Joni Tietjen Sage
13 Larry Adams Mirk
14 Dan Keeton Heidi
15 Terri Chisman Carman
16 Melinda Brenimer Sunny
17 Mindy Bower Possum
18 Terri Warner Nick
19 Lasoya Lerma Beau
20 Terry Folsom Blazin’Chance
21 Sonia Craig Lad
22 Kay Stephens Jack
23 Lise Andersen Piper
24 Julie Hansmire Ben
25 Wilda Bahr Cap
26 Joyce Geier Tiz
27 Rachel Chepulis Dell
28 Marlene Warner Hanna
29 Bob Hickman CBK Majo
30 Libby Nieder Derby
31 Joyce Geier Jim
32 Larry Adams Mick
33 Karen Stanley Grace
34 Bridget Strang Treat
35 Mary Hamilton Toss
36 Coleen Hawker Ike
37 Laura Esterman Meg
38 Margaret Johnson Loch
39 Bob Hickman CBK Ryder
40 Kay Stephens Gala
41 Diane Spainhower Tess
42 Libby Nieder Pheonix
43 Donna Eliason Ben
44 Nancy Crawford Ella
45 Joyce Geier Jack
46 Bill Wilder Russel
47 Terri Chisman Howl
48 Jamie Spring Cort
49 Victoria Yablonsky Daisy
50 Melinda Brenimer Nell
51 Anne Mock Zac
52 Mindy Bower Will
53 Joni Tietjen Bill
54 Lise Andersen Nellie
55 Kristin Sittner Spy
56 Carol Clawson Tell
57 Terry Murray Jess
58 Karen Stanley Clare
59 Kay Stephens Storm
60 Wilda Bahr Elle
61 Sonia Craig Jen
62 Pam Bruns Skip
63 Eric Larson Coy
64 Carol Clawson Kita
65 Lise Andersen Mack
66 Chris Guzman Blazin Brenna
67 Victoria Long Nessa
68 Karen Zamora Beau
69 Marlene Warner Cody
70 Lou Gilbert Kate
71 Terry Folsom Blazin’Quin
72 Loreli Judd Tuff
73 Victoria Long Nighinn
74 Terri Warner Laddie
75 Dan Keeton Newby
76 Mike Furcolow Meg
77 Bud Boudreau Gyp
78 Shauna Gourley Jade
79 Mindy Bower Griz
80 Margaret Johnson Fleet

RO NURSERY 1 Wednesday afternoon field A
1 Larry Adams Turk
2 Sonia Craig Sam
3 Bud Boudreau Blue
4 Mary Hamilton Della
5 Kay Stephens Emma
6 Wilda Bahr Emma
7 Margaret Johnson Bliss
8 Coleen Hawker Jim
9 Karen Stanley H/R Dot
10 Bridget Strang Elli
11 Lisa Muhich Ash
12 Terri Warner Pearl
13 Bud Boudreau Kate
14 Marla Van Willigan Emmy
15 Mindy Bower Kim
16 Terry Murray Minette
17 Bridget Strang Sky
18 Jamie Spring Jill
19 Lise Anderson Bryn
20 Margaret Johnson Kit
21 Lou Gilbert Kate
22 Kay Stephens Bubba
23 Lise Andersen Kylie
24 Mariane Sasak Buck
25 Bridget Strang Rain

RO NURSERY 2 Thursday afternoon w OR 2 Field A
1 Lise Anderson Bryn
2 Bridget Strang Rain
3 Mariane Sasak Buck
4 Terry Murray Minette
5 Lisa Muhich Ash
6 Margaret Johnson Bliss
7 Kay Stephens Emma
8 Coleen Hawker Jim
9 Bud Boudreau Blue
10 Lou Gilbert Kate
11 Mary Hamilton Della
12 Jamie Spring Jill
13 Marla Van Willigan Emmy
14 Wilda Bahr Emma
15 Karen Stanley H/R Dot
16 Sonia Craig Sam
17 Lise Andersen Kylie
18 Margaret Johnson Kit
19 Bridget Strang Ellie
20 Terri Warner Pearl
21 Kay Stephens Bubba
22 Bridget Strang Sky
23 Larry Adams Turk
24 Bud Boudreau Kate
25 Mindy Bower Kim

RO OPEN RANCH 1 Thursday 8:00 Field A
1 Bud Boudreau Dixie
2 Larry Van Willigan Chance
3 Nancy Penley Bodie
4 Mike Murcolow Beck
5 Bridget Strang Rain
6 Ray Masse Creed
7 Jane Hickman Rachel
8 Sandi Jones Bob
9 Shauna Gourley Blaze
10 Sandra Besseghini Mik
11 Kyle Kimball Bert
12 Karen Zamora Chip
13 Shauna Gourley Mira
14 Erin Obrien Hank
15 Bridget Strang Sky
16 Jodie Clark York
17 Mike Murcolow Punch
18 Victoria Long Ellum
19 Carol Luero Gyp
20 Karen Zamora Tiger
21 Kyle Kimball Kyle
22 Jane Hickman Trooper
23 Bridget Strang Ellie
24 Loreli Judd Cap

RO OPEN RANCH 2 Thursday afternoon field A
1 Bridget Strang Ellie
2 Jane Hickman Rachel
3 Loreli Judd Cap
4 Mike Murcolow Punch
5 Larry Van Willigan Chance
6 Bridget Strang Sky
7 Erin Obrien Hank
8 Sandra Besseghini Mik
9 Karen Zamora Chip
10 Jodie Clark York
11 Kyle Kimball Bert
12 Bud Boudreay Dixie
13 Sandi Jones Creed
14 Carol Luero Gyp
15 Bridget Strang Rain
16 Kyle Kimball Kyle
17 Shauna Gourley Mira
18 Mike Murcolow Chance
19 Karen Zamora Beck
20 Victoria Long Ellum
21 Nancy Penley Bodie
22 Jane Hickman Trooper
23 Shauna Gourley Blaze

» Lathrop Strang Memorial Fund «

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There are no words to describe the life you lived - you were amazing in every aspect of your life.  We love you Lados.

On a perfect Colorado spring day in 2008, a perilous run down a chute atop Mount Sopris took the life of Lathrop Strang. His death shocked and saddened the valley and a void lingers where his intellect and energy contributed so much.

Lathrop served on the board of Aspen Valley Land Trust for six years, and before that was a member to the board of Western Colorado Agricultural Heritage Fund, which merged with AVLT in 2002. Land conservation, particularly that of working ranches, was Lathrop’s passion. He felt strongly that humans as well as animals need open spaces and land to grow food and fuel.

Lathrop’s parents Mike and Kit, brother Scott and sisters Laurie and Bridget, asked that in lieu of flowers, people make a donation to a selected non-profits, including AVLT. The Lathrop Strang Memorial Fund helps defray some of the costs landowners incur in donation a conservation easement. The funds are used to conserve working ranches that have been in one family for at least 25 years. Lathrop is no longer here to advocate for ranchers and ranching, but he continues to help insure that ranching remains in the Roaring Fork and Colorado River valleys.

To contact AVLT please visit or email at
Aspen Vally Land Trust
320 Main Street
Carbondale, CO 81623-2084
(970) 963-8438

» Bridget Strang «

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Bridget has been on the farm, and around horses her whole life. She achieved her “A” rating in Pony Club, evented at the Advanced level for several years on a home bred horse, has shown up threw fourth Level USDF, and shown cutting horses at the NCHA western states championships. She shows at numerous AA rated shows, and has qualified and taken several students and horses for the national championships at Harrisburg and Washington. Both the hunter and jumper business and the lesson program focus on healthy, happy horses and riders. She used to breed sport horses, and enjoys developing the young horses as well as the young riders.

She enjoys developing young horses and students, as well as teaching the amateurs.

Sport horses Hexton (Darco/Furiouso II) and Bridget at Spruce Meadows. Hexton was imported from England  as a six yr old and went on to a second place finish in his Grand Prix debut. King, by Ulster (Nimmerdor) level 7 jumpers Indio Ca.

» Strang Gang News November 2010 «

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The Year started with a sheepdog trial in Denver, and also with a win. What a great way to start the year!!!!!!! We attended the National Western Stock show in Denver in January, with the Strang Ranch represented in the bovine show with the Max’s Lowline heifers, and the canine division with Rosie in the sheepdog trial. The horses were already in California with my able bodied assistant Kristy Gregg. Mike, Kit, Bridget, Nellie, Treat and Rosie -in one truck...- all headed west the end of January. Arriving just in time to help Bob Peitrzak show his horse Cubano in the first week of shows at the Desert Horse Park in Thermal. It took us a couple weeks to get our horses in the show ring, but by week three Martha McCoys’ horse Sandro Bear had picked up great ribbons in the pre-green, Phillip was getting checks in the huge level five jumpers, and the Devan’s pony Benedicta Blue was winning in the Large Green Ponies. By the end of the circuit Laura Peitrzak had joined us with her two horses, Carolyn Miller had jumped Himself clean and fast in the Adult jumpers, and the young horses were getting a dose of horse show reality.

Benedicta Blue showing in the large Green pony's Thermal 2010.
Benedicta Blue showing in the large Green pony's Thermal 2010.
We hurried home to MUD and Cold, but also a trip to Hawaii with family. A few days in a rain forest, and a few days on a beach- and everything was put right!!!!!! .
Back at it at the Ranch, we hosted a mock horse show to get the new kids ready for the upcoming horse show season. The little girls that were just learning to canter it seems were now learning about courses, and lead changes. Their preparation paid off as all had am amazing show season. I am so proud of them all. In May we canceled our local horse show because who wants to show in SNOW!!! and went to high Prairie for two weeks instead. We won a little, {Sandro Bear was Champion in the Pre-Green Hunters} learned a lot and had a great time. It was fun getting back to horse showing!!! Summer here we come.

The dog trialing ramped up a notch with three dog trials to participate in in the spring. Dogs were great, handler needs a lot of work- final score..... dogs and Bridget zero- sheep 12.... It seems that our success early was not indicative of our summer success. We are learning a lot, and am proud to say that by the time August rolled around I was back on track and Treat just two yrs old won his first open Ranch trial at Nicomodes Dog Trial in Alamosa Colorado. He also went on to win a nursery in October, on his home turf and get his first “leg” in qualifying for the National Finals in 2011. Rosie remains the finest stock dog you could ever want, patient, strong and smarter than all of us.

June at the ranch brought our first CWHJA horse show at the ranch and two others in the Valley. Greg Best came from New Zealand for a fabulous jumping clinic the end of the month. This man has the history of top competition both as a rider and a coach at the Olympic level. His extensive clinic schedule has him teaching thousands of riders in a year. With all that experience behind him it is no wonder he is a master teacher and trainer. We look forward to next years clinic. We thought so much of our time with him, we ventured over the mountains and rode with him again in August at Plum Creek Hollow. Thank you Greg for all your time and patience. Maria Wasson also came to the ranch monthly for our flat work tune ups. June was also the start of our first annual summer pony camp. This was a huge success. Deciding that the kids needed a little more than diagonals and leads in their riding we established the camp. Our goals to teach some of the things that our kids miss not being a part of Pony Club, and have some good old fashioned fun!!! I think we succeeded on both counts. Courtney and Amy helped run them with the able assistance of Skylar. This is definitely on for next year. And I am sure we will be a sell out.

July and August brought more horse shows. Local shows were a blast with my crew of kids. I am so grateful for my wonderful ponies- Bell, Freckles, Cloudy and Bonni. Each pony teaches a different lesson, so with the kids switching ponies each month the end result is a very capable rider, and a lot of RIBBONS!!! Martha McCoy and her horse Sandro Bear collected a Championship ribbon at Estes Park in August. September brought us to fall High Prairie where Strang Ranches Artie and Carolyn Devan topped the Children’s hunter for a Championship ribbon.
October brought the dog trial, and another perfect perfect autumn weekend. We had competitors from seven different states, there were lots of spectators and lots of interest was generated about next years trials. It was a wonderful weekend.
I would like to congratulate Beth Jaquet on the purchase of Nakota, and Michelle Marlow on the purchase of Wonder. I am so pleased that you both found your horses, and that they found you. Good luck!!
I am bracing for winter.... Fall was just too easy. Beautiful, warm sunny days made riding the three year olds fillies a reality. This time of new cold, frozen ground, and early dark nights is a hard transition. I will be happy when the snow is deep, and we can once again ride out on that fluffy, crystal cloud under the Colorado blue sky. 

» news april 2009 «

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News from Strang Ranch April 2009

It has been a very full winter for the Strang Gang in Thermal California.  WE took ten horses down, on a 18 hr trip that took four days… Fortunately we eventually did make it safe and sound to California with well rested horses and trucks in good working order with some new parts..?
Thermal, a sea of tents!! We arrived on a Thursday, and Friday morning found ourselves at the Desert Circuit horse show!!!  I think there was a week where there was not a show, but we were so busy clipping and unpacking and riding the winter out of our horses we hardly took notice.  Before we knew it we were back at the horse show.  With over twenty horses alternating show weeks, we were really busy for a solid seven weeks of horse shows!!  Thank you all, for trusting us with their care and having the faith to send them to the show ring with us. Green horses are not always easy, and progress does not come at a steady pace.  The horses were wonderful!!  All those shows at Thermal had us very well prepared for our two weeks at the Oaks.  Quiet time, 1.20m ThemalWonderview farms’ Quiet Time finished second in her 1.20meter classic at the Oaks, after several really good ribbons at Thermal in the very competitive level 5 jumpers.  Top of my List, and Carolyln Devan at Thermal, reserve champ Schooling Pony Hunter. Carolyn Devan joined us for one week of showing, and catch rode “Top of my List” AKA Cooper to a reserve championship in the schooling pony hunter, and then stepped up to the Large Pony hunters.  She did a wonderful job, and I was so proud of her figuring out a different pony, over huge jumps, in gale force winds!!!! The Strang horses, Fiona, Philip and Halleluljah, also had their successes, earning good ribbons from the pre-green hunters to the 1.30m jumpers. 
Kristy Gregg will be managing the barn this summer.  We also welcome Tara Hill from California here to do some riding and teaching.  Hugh Coleby is also in residence starting and training colts.  There will be three CWHJA hunter jumper shows at the ranch this summer, May 3rd, June 5 & 6, and August 29 & 30th.  There are several clinics scheduled for this summer.  Maria Wasson will be here May 15-16 and will be returning every month for her dressage/flat work/ good position clinics.  Greg Eliel will be returning the end of June for his Horsemanship clinc.  For many years Greg was a protégé of Ray Hunts´ and Buck Brannamans´.  He is a very good teacher, and has a wonderful simple approach to problem solving. If you desire a straighter, softer, easier horse on the ground and riding, don´t miss this clinic.  Please contact Bridget or Kit if you are interested in either of these clinics.  Both clinics are open to all levels of riders. 
Unforgetable Fable, Thermal. Philip, Thermal 1.20m Ikera,  showing her winning style in the AA hunters. Paddy O'Reilly and Laura Pietrzak, winners of the A/A jumper classic!!!

» Parting Shots «

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Courtney and Kim racing home after the pairs barrel race. 08
Treat, these things called sheep!! Treat loves the water! Fiona at the Greg Best Clinic 08'.
Emily and Guizmo in great form. Cody and Emily getting ready for the Pairs Relay in Estes Park 08. Freckels and her fan club before winning the lead line at Estes Park.
Gail looking great winning the Egg and spoon on Hexton 08